ai_licia API 1.1.0 Help


Getting started


This API provides endpoints to feed data to ai_licia, so she can ingest them, and react accordingly. We provide 2 different endpoints, one to feed contextual data, and the other to trigger a reaction from ai_licia

Getting your Api Key

You can get your API key from the ai_licia Streamer Dashboard. If you don't already have an account, sign up first.

Then head to My account -> Settings, and go the Settings tab.

Api Key

Click on the generate button, and copy the Api key.


All requests must include the Authorization header with a valid API key provided by the streamer. We use the following format for the header

Bearer {API_KEY}

Every user with an account on the ai_licia platform can generate an API key.

Sending my first request

curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer {API_KEY}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "eventType": "GAME_EVENT", "data": { "channelName": "jellabn", "content": " altitude (feet): 18.021114034125176 longitude: -58.408335967526185 latitude: -34.56337838847517 heading: 304.1069892417011 speed (knots): 4.962588310241699 " } }'

Api reference

Feed data to ai_licia

POST method/events

Feed data to ai_licia to be added to her context.

Request parameters

{ "data": { "channelName": "jellabn", "content": "altitude (feet): 18.021114034125176, longitude: -58.408335967526185 ", "ttl": 90 }, "eventType": "GAME_EVENT" }


Trigger a reaction from ai_licia

POST method/events/generations

Request parameters

{ "data": { "channelName": "jellabn", "content": "Plane landed succesful" }, "eventType": "GAME_EVENT" }


Last modified: 22 February 2024